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Shytoshi Kusama Reaches Major Milestone on X, Delighting the SHIB Army

Shytoshi Kusama celebrates hitting one million followers on X, thrilling the SHIB Army.

Wed, 19 Jun 2024, 02:47 am UTC

The mysterious leader of the SHIB programming team, who goes by the name Shytoshi Kusama, has made a huge accomplishment. This accomplishment was accomplished by the SHIB programming team. The social media behemoth X was the platform on which this accomplishment was accomplished.

Kusama's X page was captured on camera by @kuro_9696_9696, a user of X who is also a member of the Japanese SHIB army. Additionally, the SHIB fan tweeted that Shytoshi Kusama's following count had crossed one million. This is in addition to the fact that the number one million is highlighted on it.

The actual page for Shytoshi has a number that is extremely close to that, which is 999.8K. Because users frequently come and leave in waves, initially beginning to follow accounts and then rapidly unfollowing them, the figure that displays the number of followers can sometimes reach a high and then roll back somewhat. This is because users tend to come and go in waves.

SHIB Marketing Lead Lucie Announces Exciting Developments in the SHIB Ecosystem's Future

Lucie, the official social media marketing lead of the SHIB team, went to X earlier this week to deliver a message to the Shiba Inu army that was optimistic about the future of the SHIB ecosystem from a social media marketing perspective.

For the purpose of bringing to the attention of the community that the SHIB ecosystem is presently in the process of being constructed, she titled her post "Building the future together." In this instance, Lucie cited a common statement made by Sytoshi, which was as follows: "The moat has been built to protect the castle, now we build."

According to the marketing lead, SHIB has entered step 1 and stage 1 of the project's road map so far. However, "there's so much more to come," which is a fascinating statement.

Lucie compared the SHIB blockchain to a railway track, where the developers are constructing stations so that users and developers of decentralized applications can access them. Currently, the team is working hard to ensure "the overall health of our ecosystem," as well as to update their technology, engage with major players in the cryptocurrency sector, and update their technology.

In addition, Lucie disclosed that the SHIB team is working along with "some key industry folks." She indicated that this will be a significant undertaking, and that it will require a long period of time. Nevertheless, "it's going to be a whole new story" as soon as "the stations" are constructed because of this.

SHIB Burn Rate Soars 10,880% in 24 Hours, Over 23 Million Tokens Destroyed

Over the course of the last twenty-four hours, the SHIB burn rate has increased by an astounding 10,880 percent, as indicated by the data that was supplied by the Shibburn tracking website. Over the course of this time period, an astounding sum of 23,106,750 SHIB meme currencies were moved to blockchain wallets that are not available for spending.

Ten minutes ago, the greatest single SHIB chunk was burned. This chunk, which consisted of approximately half of the total number of Shiba Inus that have been destroyed since yesterday, was 11,176,306 SHIB altogether.

Photo: Microsoft Bing

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